Comparing 2 Different Computer Systems



Prepare a Report to compare and contrast two similar computer-based devices within the same category and capability. (Determine what kind of computer you would like to research: notebook, desktop, server, tablet, smart phone, game console, DVR, etc.) Compare and contrast two (2) computer-based devices that you might consider purchasing. Narrow your search further by selecting a specific type of computer-based item within the selected group. Finally, determine how you want to configure your computer-based items in terms of processor, storage, RAM, video and audio hardware, and other options. Visit any computer retail store as well as an on-line computer retailer. Select a representative computer-based item from each business. Search for at least one product review or other source of information about each of the items compared (such as information available on the Internet, a magazine or newspaper article, someone who uses the software, etc) Content Instructions:
Prepare a word-processed 400-600 word report. Your Report should:
Identify the computer-based devices you chose (note their prices and describe their main features and components) Evaluate the computer-based devices’ usefulness to you (Would you buy it? Why or why not?) Identify the name and location of the store and on-line computer retailer you visited Identify in full the additional sources* of information you found *(if you were unable to find something, describe what efforts you made to do so) Critique your experiences at the store and in seeking additional information