Comparing Economic Growth and Welfare between two different countries

What is this report about Why have you chosen to compare these two countries/ What will this report show-define economics growth, standard of living, What are the variables used to compare the standard of living between two different countries. Main Body 2.0 Examining the economic growth of two different countries, and how it has been achieved This must cover the following: • Use GDP growth figures of the last decade for the analysis. • Take into account the global financial crisis and whether it has affected the country. GDP growth figures may vary around that time. • What are the main sectors that drive economic growth in this country? • You can create your own graphs (using Excel or another tool) to illustrate your analysis. 3.0 Examining the standards of living in both countries by looking at economic and social welfare. This must include: • Indicators from the list below: ? GDP per capita ? Income inequality ? Population living below poverty line (use national poverty line) ? Unemployment figures ? Human Development Index (HDI) ? Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index ? UN’s Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) ? Social Progress Index (SPI) (if available) You may also use indicators on any of the 5 topics that are described in chapter 28 of your book (Anderton, 5th edition), that may be relevant to the countries of your choice. 4.0 Comparing the economic growth and standards of living between the two countries This must answer the following questions: • Which country is performing better in terms of economic growth, why? • Which country is performing better in terms of living standards, why? 5.0 6. To what extent has economic growth contributed to living standards in these countries? (Discuss). Use the following to help you with the discussion This must answer the following questions: • Has economic growth affected the living standards? • If the countries you selected have high economic growth, is that economic growth inclusive or exclusive? • If the countries you selected have high living standards, has economic growth lead to achieving this? • If the countries you selected have low living standards, would a higher economic growth be enough to achieve higher living standards? Conclusions and Recommendations Summarise why economic growth or GDP growth alone may not be a good indicator for the standard of living between nations. Give a logical conclusion and opinion and recommend alternative measure of standard of living between different economies. All coursework (unless direct otherwise by your tutor) must be word processed, double spaced, justified, fully referenced using the Harvard system, and in 12 pitch font, with page numbers and the word count. The word count does not include end of text references or appendices. You are required to submit an electronic copy to a plagiarism checker using the website Extra Guidance for your Research: You can use the following databases to find data: • World Bank DataBank • United Nations Database • International Labour Organisation (ILO) Statistics and Database • Other sources approved by your tutor: world facts book You will need to provide a bibliography of at least 6 references in your report including 3 books or academic articles and 3 websites. You will need to use Harvard referencing.