Comparing Social and Self-Control Theories


Comparing Social and Self-Control Theories

Juveniles should be sentenced to life in prison

ravis Hirschi developed two important control theories-social control (or social
bonding) and self-control. This discussion will have you apply these two theories to a
case study in order to discern their strengths and weaknesses.

In August 2011, several cities in London, England experienced widespread rioting,
looting, and arson- The UK prime minister, David Cameron, blamed the crimes, in
part, on bad parenting- Listen to this statement:

Cameron blames lack of morality, bad parenting.

Please watch this brief video

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[Video, 00:25 minutes] and read the transcript
httsz/wwwnewstatesmancom/politics/201 1/08/society-fight-work-rights

1. Explain how both social control and self-control theories would explain the
relationship between parenting and these kinds of crimes.

2. Which theory do you find more convincing and why? Provide examples to
substantiate your response-