Comparing Toronot vs Vancouver to recommmend a friedn from china to visit

Comparing cities

Task 1: City comparison chart

Imagine you have a friend from southern China who is considering moving to Canada. Chen is thinking of either the Toronto region or the Vancouver region. She likes outdoor activities, big cities,
and wants a safe place to live.

Chen doesn’t know Canada’s geography very well and is asking your advice about which place might be better for her. She asks you to make a comparison chart for the two cities to help her decide.

Fill in this City comparison chart, ( see attached chart) available in your Locker. Use information from Lessons 1 through 5 to help you complete the chart. Use the headings in the chart to
complete the comparison. If you need to, you can do some Internet research.

When it’s complete, submit your “City comparison chart” for evaluation.

Task 2: Recommendation report

Your friend Chen would also like you to write a short report summarizing the main features of each city and telling her which city you think she might prefer.

Write a four-paragraph summary explaining which city you think she might want to live in and why. Include an introduction and conclusion.