Comparing two methods of saliva collection

Order Description

These experiment compares two methods of saliva collection, the cotton rolls method and the spitting method. The experiment has participants simulate eating food (neutral and attractive). The main hypothesis is that the cotton rolls method makes it harder for participants to simulate eating the food because of the unpleasant feeling in their mouth. I would like for the literature review to begin with an account of the physiological reaction to food cues, salivation, going back to Pavlov’s dogs. Discuss food simulation and salivation and present relevant experiments (Papies – Keesman etc). Another part should be about salivation and the grounded cognition theory (Papies &Barsalou, 2015; Barsalou 2008 etc). Also mention fMRI and behavioral studies in relation to food simulation. Also make links to salivation and desire to eat, hunger and frequency of consumption from relevant research.