Comparison between two entities (car companies)

Design an online questionnaire or Manual questionnaire to collect data about the basic attributes
of the goods/services under study and the customers’ preferences and satisfaction. For example Price,
quality, product design, customer service level, maintenance service, degree of popularity,
availability, creativity and so on. The questionnaire must be free of grammar and spelling mistakes.
The questionnaire should consist of at least10 questions [3 should be about demographic attributes
of the respondent].The general five components of questionnaires must be reflected in.

2. Use MS-Excel functions to do the following statistical requirements on the collected data:-
[50 Marks]

a. Classify the collected data in Frequency distribution tables for the answers of any two questions.
Cross tabulation is preferred. Add relative frequency %column for each table. [20 marks]

b. Draw any two statistical graphs to summarize the conclusion of the classified data in section (a)
mentioned above. [15 marks]
c. Interpret the results as a conclusion of the two examined questions, and write a recommendation
from your own for improvement.