Comparison of catal huyuk and Mohenjo Daro


Write a critical essay to compare the vernacular architecture excavated in the Neolithic settlement Catal Huyuk(Anatolia,7500-57000 BCE) to the vernacular dwellings found in Mohenjo-daro . Examine how they relate to the following topics and identify parallels and differences; structure essay according to the three topics below: 1. Impact of the site, region, geography and climate; which materials are available. what kind of topography or weather patterns and climate, temperature are the houses reacting to? 2.Settlement patterns: How do the individual houses from an urban context? What kind of infrastructure and which circulation patterns and overall organization can be identified? 3. Lifestyle/ culture: How do the houses reflect people’s living condition,rituals and social structures? Whats is the inhabitants social /hierarchical organization? Discuss configurations or conditions the houses share and identify conditions that are specific to the region and its local geographic conditions, technologies available or the social structure present.