Components of evidence-based practice

  1. As a nurse leader, you have been assigned a new initiative project. What steps would you take to ensure that you are using all the components of evidence-based practice? Explain why each of these steps is essential.
  2. Compare and contrast the characteristics/behaviors/competencies observed in two leadership models (for example, Lewin’s leadership style). Which model would be most effective for adaptation to a climate for EBP and why?
  3. Quality assurance is quickly becoming the way to evaluate patient satisfaction. Find an example and share it in the forum. Explain why you chose to share this particular example.
  4. In the mid-20th century, Dr. Williams Demings was a leader in quality improvement. His framework helped to transform health care through the use of his management theory and research techniques. Review his theory and choose three points to discuss. How could you use them as a nurse leader?
  5. Patient safety culture remains the number one concern for all facilities. How can you ensure that patient safety is maintained on a unit where you are the nurse leader?
  6. What are some of the benefits of program planning, and what steps would you take to put them in place in a unit where you are the nurse leader?
  7. Change is a constant in the field of nursing. There are several steps that must take place for a nurse leader to implement a change. Use this forum to discuss each of the essential steps.
  8. There are many roles that a nurse leader must take on in order to be a good change agent. Discuss these different roles and their effect on the change process.