Comprehensive Exam Question 1

Topic: Comprehensive Exam Question 1

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Question 1

You are on the planning staff of a major tourist attraction city. Your city is a tourist destination and draws thousands of summer and winter visitors to a variety of privately-owned amusement parks in the immediate area.

The mayor and city council of your local community have asked you to draft a memo outlining possible plans for a publicly funded water park in your city. In your memo, they have asked that you make a recommendation about whether the city should or should not move forward with a water park project. They have asked that in your recommendations to city leaders, you outline and develop:

1.The arguments in favor, and against, a publicly funded water park.
2.The groups you anticipate would favor and oppose this project.
3.Techniques for measuring the revenue and costs of the project.
4.A general cost-benefit analysis of the project.
5.Tools you would need to identify the location and timeframe of a project of this magnitude.
6.Groups that could partner with city to collaborate on the project and groups that would actively campaign against the project.
7.Avenues for providing public input and dialogue about the project.
8.Consider as many financial constraints and gains that would be effected by the water park.
9.Additional evidence, research, comparisons, and figures that they would need to consider the project on behalf of the city.

I would like to writer to use the city Nashville, Tennessee.
Please do not call me asking for an extension I need this asap and I cannot extend the deadline. Must be 100% original paper.