Comprehensive statistical analysis

Some researchers believe that a major factor related to young persons running away from home is the quality of a youth’s relationship with his or her parents. From a small sample of adolescents, the following data were collected regarding the number of hours of quality time they spend with their parents each week, the number of times in the past six months they considered running away from home, their gender, and their GPA.
1.Run descriptive statistics on this data. What types of measurement do the data have? What are the appropriate descriptive statistics to run?
2.Are there any differences between male and female students in the number of times in the past 6 months they have considered running away?
3.What is the association between GPA and running away?
4.Based on this sample, predict the number of times a child who spends 15 hours of quality time with his or her parents each week would consider running away from home in the last six months?