Computer Hardware Components

Computer Hardware Components

Paper details:

Conduct a web search to find an interesting website that addresses and highlights a particular computer hardware item such as a graphics card, monitor, or mouse.

In a recorded video, explain why the website is interesting and describe its key features.

Be sure to consider who wrote the information (do they have subject expertise and are they reputable?)

Does the author have any bias (what motives does the author have for writing the information?)

Note the currency of the information (an article written five years ago may no longer be accurate)

Include the link to your Internet source in your post. Enter the URL as a hyperlink below the video.

Your initial post should be a recorded video about 2-3 minutes in length. Consider writing out you message ahead of time so it is thought out, but be sure to avoid reading your reply. Review Recording Best PracticesPreview the documentView in a new window before starting.

You may use a webcam or handheld device such as a cell phone to record a video. There are a few ways to add a video recording to a discussion reply. The approaches detailed below permit recording a new video or uploading of a video file you previously recorded:

If you provide me the material. I’ll do the recorded video.