Computer Network

Describe and analyze the structure and operation of different types of computer networks.
You are the new manager for a landscaping company. The company’s office equipment consists of a few laptops and tablets, a printer, and several smartphones. The owner has asked you to investigate how the company might use Bluetooth technology in its offices. In your paper, you should document the following:

Review the uses of Bluetooth technology. Which uses might apply to the company? Can you think of other ways the company might use Bluetooth technology?
Assess what are the advantages of using Bluetooth technology? Research online to find industry experts’ recommendations for Bluetooth use in a small office. What other wireless technologies might the league’s office use?
Examine issues related to bandwidth, speed, and reliability. What security concerns exist? What measures should the league take to prevent Bluebugging?
Would you recommend the league use Bluetooth in its offices? Why or why not? Should the company replace its LAN with Bluetooth? Why or why not?