Computer science

Computer science
a. Rationale behind each proposed design
b. Definition/description of all devices/equipment needed to complete design(s)
c. A report outlining all the steps taken to complete the design(s) – this should include truth tables, simplification methods, sketch of proposed circuitry etc)
d. Simulation of design(s)
i. Using Electronic Workbench, Multimedia Logic or similar tools.
ii. Any function of combinational circuit used must be constructed from scratch by you (i.e. if you use an Adder or such circuit you must construct it/them yourself).

1. A circuit to simulate a stoplight for an intersection, your circuit should work as follows:

• Green – stays on for sixty (60) seconds, then turns off.
• Amber – comes on directly after green light goes out, then stays on for five (5) seconds then turns off
• Red – come on directly after the amber, stays on for thirty seconds then turns off.