“Coms 301 Performance, Language, Cultural Studies

Part 1- Definitions

Write 3 to 4 sentence definition for key terms covered in class

Hegemony Performance
Ideology Subculture
Representation Style
Polysemy Zoot Suit
Culture Jamming Liminality

Part 2- Short Answer Questions

1. What key insights allow Ferdinand de Saussure to establish the field of semiotics and how do these insights contribute to the subsequent emergence of cultural studies?
2. Identify three different types of oppositional practices and explain how they challenge the dominant ideology and/or hegemonic norms.
3. What role does mimesis play in the advertisement analyzed by Roland Barthes in “The Rhetoric of the Image”? How does mimesis support the other messages within the advertisement?
4. What is performance art and how is it related to other types of performance examined in this class?
5. How does Augusto Boal’s notion of the “poetics of the oppressed” serve as a model for combining performance with political protest?
6. How does Dick Hebdige use the punk aesthetic to explore the concept of a “signifying practice”?
7. How are teenage fans of either jazz or rock ‘n’ roll in the U.S. similar to the subcultures that emerged in post-WWII Britain?
8. What happened in Los Angeles throughout 1942-1943 as part of the lead-up to the zoot suit riots?