concept analysis" sparkle of hope "

concept analysis” sparkle of hope ”

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Analyze a concept of your choice using the approach presented by Smith and Liehr (2008 Chapter 3; 2014 Chapter 16) “Building Structures for Research” process of concept analysis. Chapter 15 and 16 of Meleis (2012) elaborates on the process of concept analysis and theory development and may be helpful. The phases of concept development using the Smith and Liehr (2008/2014) approach are:

1. Develop a story that captures the phenomenon.
2. Name the phenomenon.
3. Identify the theoretical lens for viewing the phenomenon.
4. Explore the literature related to the phenomenon.
5. Gather and reconstruct a story from a person who has experienced the phenomenon.
6. Write a mini-sage that captures the reconstructed story.
7. Determine the core qualities of the phenomenon.
8. Formulate a definition that integrates the core qualities.
9. Draw a model that depicts relationships between the core qualities.
10. Create a mini-synthesis that integrates all phases of the structure building process.

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“Both theories that you discussed for the viewing lens of your concept have to do with behavioral change. How is a “Sparkle of Hope” viewed through the lens of behavioral change? Consider that when you are writing your paper. Jumping forward, you need to make clear that the core qualities you are identifying are trust, community, and awareness and how they are defined, not prenatal classes and disability. Core qualities should be abstract at the level of Middle Range Theory and apply beyond prenatal care. Your discussion of how you explored the literature to identify your core qualities was limited in your presentation. The information on the slides appears more focused on prenatal outcomes. You need to search the literature for qualities related to “hope,” and not just prenatal literature. What does this phenomenon look like? Also, what makes a “sparkle” of hope different from just hope? What are the qualities of a “sparkle of hope?” An important quality may be the existing of a crisis. When I close my eyes and think of your “sparkle of hope”, I imagine a cloud or storm of a crisis


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