Concept Map of Key Ideas and Interrelationships in Theoretical Models of Writing

Design a concept map to summarise your understanding of these theories. A concept map captures the key ideas, or concepts, of a topic and, where possible, represents visually their inter-relationships.
Your concept map must have ‘MODELS OF WRITING’ at the centre and somewhere on the page it must have ‘Cognitive Model’, ‘Sociocultural Model’ and ‘Linguistic Model’.
You should ensure that your concept map addresses all three theories. You are free to represent your concept map visually in any way you like – there is no right way to present it and we are more interested in the thinking it represents than its visual artistry! You could create it with pen and paper and scan it as an image; or use PowerPoint, Word, Publisher or any other package to design it. Submit your concept map as a pdf or jpeg file.