Concert Review

A concert review describes the overall structure of a concert. It addresses the music, musicians, venue, time, and location. When writing a review, your goal should be for your reader to grasp the atmosphere and quality of the concert, so you should attempt to capture the entire experience in your review and also include your honest evaluation of the performance.
What To Do During the Concert
You are attempting to translate your acoustic observations into a written text. In order to complete this translation successfully, you must:
Take notes during the concert about what is happening on the stage. Write down your observations about the time and space of the concert. Include details such as stage lighting, musicians’ attire, audience’s attire, and the general atmosphere. Take note of anything the musicians say from the stage, whether as informal interactions with the audience or each other or as formal introductions to what the audience will be hearing.
Get the list of songs/compositions. You will need to mention the pieces that were played at the concert in your review. As you listen to each piece, take note on why it is different from the others (what makes it good, bad, or unique).
Review the performers. Take notes about well or poorly the musicians played. Were there outstanding pieces? If so, what made them outstanding? Write about any stage banter you heard. Be as detailed and descriptive as possible. Include information about the performers’ positions on stage, attire, gestures, etc.
Take notes about the audience. Details about the audience can tell your readers a lot about the concert atmosphere and experience. Take note of what kind of fans showed up, how they responded, whether the crowd was large or small, what the demographics, attire, and demeanor of the audience were.

Writing Your Review
You must start with an introduction. This introduction should include the title, venue, and date of the concert as well as the names of the musicians/ensembles/conductors. You can also include details about the locale and the time of day/night of the performance.
The main body of your essay should be descriptive. Talk about the songs/pieces played and share your own observations on the details and quality of the performance. Include the titles of some of the songs/pieces and consult outside sources to give basic background information about either the composer/songwriter or the history of the music. Share your reactions to the music. Give an honest evaluation of the concert that will allow your reader to feel like they attended the show. Mention what made attending the concert worthwhile (or not worthwhile, as the case may be). What was new or different for you? Expand on your observations by sharing relevant facts about the history of the performers, the music, or the venue. Talk about the effect the venue had on your experience. Be honest about whether or not you enjoyed the show and why. Talk about the acoustic quality. Write about the effect of the music on the crowd.
Your conclusion should summarize your overall impression of the event.