Conduct a management analysis of T2

Conduct a management analysis of T2

reading the requirements and follow the structure carefully.If necessary please check my courseware.

Individual Management Assignment

Worth 40%

2500-3000 words, maximum 3300 words
Times New Roman 12 point font, double line spacing

Harvard referencing-15-20 references expected

Due: 20th February 2015 5pm via Turnitin (After 5pm late penalties will apply)

Aim: Conduct a management analysisofT2 (
Marking criteria:
Background, introduction and importance of company to the Australian and international
Business landscape: (10%)

Research, analysis and discussion of sustainability related strategies and issues: (40%)
•Role of organisational behaviour at the company (10%)

•Human resource management practices at the company (10%)

•Role of international business at the company (10%)

•    Role of technology management at the company (10%)

Analysis of entrepreneurship and innovation at the company (15%)

Future strategies management should engage in (identify3 major strategies based on the previous analysis of the company) (25%)

Professional Presentation and English expression (10%)

“T2” is a public company in Australia; you also need look for the uni-label for “T2”
Website-“BOW” can provide some information
You should look up other tea or coffee company to make a comparison, for example:
“Lipton” “Tetley” “Nerada” etc.
Related material from text book:
?    1- Importance of sustainable management and organizational behaviour (chapter 1)
?    2- Human resource management (chapter 12)
?    3- International business (chapter 4)
?    4- Technology management (chapter 20)
?    5- Entrepreneurship and innovation (chapter 6)
?    6- Strategic management (chapter 8)
?    Management: Asia Pacific Edition (4th Ed.) by Danny Samson & Richard L. Daft, Cengage Learning