"Conference Operator at Vibe Hotel Rushcutters Sydney"

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“Conference operator at Vibe Hotel Rushcutters Sydney” Market (target markets) **The Market** – Market research – Market targets – >> for this assessment I only have to focus on “Market”, I also upload outline and draft of report to you please check it , for this subject using this book for study: Entreperneurship Authors: Howard Frederick, Allan O’Connor, Donald F. Kuratko Edition: 3. **when you explain can you use easy words to understand please because english is my second language, and please follow my referencing guide,

This report doing about “Conference Operator at Vibe Hotel Rushcutters Sydney”
** Before you doing anything can you please check on the Concept Proposal Approval Form file I uploaded to you, will make you more clear what it is, after that go to check another file is “report file” that is about all details of another parts of my friends doing of the “Conference Operator at Vibe Hotel Rushcutters Sydney”

You need to Research about Market Research of Conference Operator at Vibe Hotel Rushcutters Sydney,
I already gave report file that to you can read and try to understand it, please open all files that i gave you and follow it.

and follow this what i need on this report

i don’t need S.W.O.T. analysis , Advertising and sales and Competitors that’s i already did but please focus what I need below and make sure you make the **market positioning map** put on market research>>

Marketing Performance – a review on instruments and models (I)


i would like to put the picture on market research part to explain about market positioning map to how’s concern with market research, the picture i already gave to you the 2 links to get a picture and please check both of that websites.

**This is what i need**

**Target Market
[Outline your planned sales targets. What quantity of your products/services do you plan to sell in a planned timeframe? Are they monthly or yearly targets?]

Have to follow what the government outline to do, and the Market Research as well, follow the sentence structure of (IHG’s example), but answer the outline that the government state (government outline is the guideline document file that I sent it to you please follow it)

[What statistical research have you completed to help you analyse your market? Did you use a survey/questionnaire? If so, you may like to attach a copy of your survey/questionnaire to the back of this plan.]
This is the content I need for Market Research, so you have to rewrite Market Research, do a market positioning map in your market research
Take the previous student’s IHG report as an example and follow it to do market research part (IHG report that I sent file to you last time)

However the your customers part has to follow the government’s outline,
Your customers

Customer demographics
[Define who your target customers are and how they behave. You can include age, gender, social status, education and attitudes.]

Key customers
[Identify your key customers. (These can be large consumers of your products or individuals whose satisfaction is key to the success of your business.) How will you target your products/service to them?]

Customer management
[How will you maintain a good relationship with your customers? What techniques will you use? How will you keep your customers coming back? Have you introduced customer service standards? Do you follow any particular code of practice?]

And for PEST analysis -> every analysis should based on sth to reference on and analysis


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