Confidential/Attorney Client Privilege

Act a legal adviser writing a memo (700-1000 words)  advising the Police Chief or Sheriff as to below issues.   As to geographic location information you should use, use your CURRENT physical location (ie. where you live in the USA to answer the below questions and assume the law enforcement agency is located in your same physical location).    Your memo should be marked “Confidential/Attorney Client Privilege”.    Attached is the memo format that is expected: 1.     If the police agency gets sued, what is the individual  State Court System Website and copy/paste its hyperlink.  [each state court system has an official website–you must use that site]  How many courts of appeals  does your State court system have?  Which State court of appeals is your home located in?  2.  Go to  (US Federal  Court System Official website) If the police agency gets sued in federal court, which Federal Trial Court (lowest level federal court) covers your home town or curr