Conflict Management: Designing systems for handling disputes


Paper details:

prepare a paper for an organization you know well (I would recommended using United Airlines incident with the Asian Doctor being dragged
off the plane as
a starting point for why we need to design a better system to resolve disputes between the company and customers)- Apply lessons from class
and readings to provide an assessment and recommendation to an appropriate office or officer in that organization-

Consult and reference at least three journal or industry press articles in addition to course texts relevant to conflict resolution in the
type of organization you

Attend to four key elements:

(1) People: identify your role, describe how you’ll identify and engage with stakeholders:,

(2) Process: describe your diagnosis and assessment process: explain not only the methods, but the rationale for selecting those methods
instead of others,
(3) Purposes: prioritize among the goals of your proposed system based on your hypothetical diagnosis of the issues (describe the findings
you’d anticipate
from an assessment, were you to do one) and

(4) Product, protocols: the system you’d recommend implementing: how is it accessed, how is it advertised, which processes does it offer, in
which order?
How might it be evaluated?

You’ll need access to this text to design a dispute system: Rogers et alii, Designing Systems and Processes for Managing Disputes (I have a
hard copy, can
you access it on a database?)