Conflict Resolution Scenarios

  1. Your management team has developed a new policy that affects just part of the staff at your organization. Several of the affected staff are very upset and come to you complaining. They want you to go to the upper level manager to ask that the policy be revised or eliminated. What should you do?
  2. One of the other staff seems to always find ways to avoid doing his work. Sometimes he will “hide” in with a patient and say he is keeping them company (even if you see the patient is asleep or reading). Other times he will just disappear and when asked, says he was doing something for the manager that he cannot discuss. It is making other staff frustrated although no patients have complained about it yet. What should you do?
  3. One of your co-workers tells you that she saw a Facebook posting from another staff that she thought was about you. The other staff did not mention you by name but you know this staff member has been upset with you over a few issues in the past few months so you are not surprised this happened. You find yourself alone with her at the end of the day – what should you do?
  4. You sent an email to another staff complaining about your supervisor. A few days later the coworker admits she accidently forwarded it to your supervisor. What should you do?
  5. You are working in an office setting and the patient and his wife are concerned about the results of a test that they do not yet have the results on. When they leave after seeing the provider, they tell you the provider did not share the results with them and they forgot to ask. They are very nervous about the results. You know the provider was pulled away into the OR and will not be available the rest of the day to speak with the family again. What should you do?
  6. A patient keeps having difficulty with some part of his care. Each time he comes to see you or is re-admitted to hospital, you discover he is just not following the directions you have already provided to him several times. What should you do?

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