Consider the relationship between music and poetry in any two songs from Schumann’s Dichterliebe.


In what ways do these songs reflect the concept of the ‘Romantic fragment’?
PREPARATION – Reading For this assignment, you must NOT use websites other than Grove Online. Useful reading material can be found in the ‘Reading’ section of the Blackboard site, and in the course textbooks in the Reserve collection. – Analysis Use the techniques and approaches from the lecture and seminar devoted to German song (together with ideas from your reading) to analyse the two songs you have chosen. Remember to concentrate on the relationship between the music and the poetry, and on the idea of the Romantic fragment. ESSAY Your essays should: – be submitted electronically through eAssignment ( by 4pm, Monday 14 May 2018. – be 1000 words in length (±10%) – be word-processed, using double spacing – contain musical examples – include references for any quotations and/or paraphrases, and a bibliography – be carefully checked for grammar and spelling, particularly of German words – Aims This assignment aims to hone your music-analytical skills, and to improve your ability to relate ideas that you have read to specific pieces of music. It will also provide further practice at academic writing skills, especially using appropriate language, checking your work carefully, using references and bibliography, and making effective use of musical examples. ASSESSMENT This assignment will be assessed on the following criteria: • structure and clarity of written expression • familiarity with and insight into the music being discussed • handling of secondary sources, and use of your own original ideas • appropriate and effective use of references and musical examples • accuracy of spelling, punctuation, and grammar