Considering themes in adolescence: A Qualitative Report


Assessment tasks/questions:
Interview a participant and analyse the interview. You should pick a lifespan development related topic, preferably related to a transition between developmental periods or an interesting time in a person’s life e.g. early development, adolescence, middle age or old age. Use the transcript template to write questions and answers and code them.
Regarding the analysis, you should select a continuous section of the transcript that raises interesting points. It will be this section that you conduct a thematic analysis on.

Your thematic analysis of the interview you have conducted:

This will be a summary of the themes you found, followed by a detailed of each one. For each theme, you will need to explain how this theme fitted with your
research question, using relevant quotes to illustrate your points. The description of each theme should be argument led, and you should use the quotes to support
what you say, rather than the other way round. This means, for every quote you use, you should be explaining this with at least twice as much text. The idea is to show how you interpreted the data, rather than let the reader make their own judgements. This means your interpretation of the interview and the clarity with which you present your workings are what is being assessed, rather than the content of the interview. To show your workings, you will first demonstrate that you made detailed notes on the transcript. You will then show how you grouped similar comments to identify key themes made by the participant and explain these using quotes from the transcript. You can best lay this out with the use of tables that become more condensed and organised as you progress through the stages of analysis.

Fill in the transcript temple and attached to appendix* for interview answer 10 the questions, code them.
1. Tell me a time when you face any difficulties during the stage of adolescence and how did you cope with the changes?

2. Tell me a time when you had any difficulties during in your physical changes of adolescence?

3. Tell me a time when you had any behaviour changes and how did you managed to overcome any issues?

4. Tell me a time when your social life was affecting your adolescence life style? Have you notice anything unusual in your behaviour?

5. Does your development phase from puberty had any critical components?

6. Does your decision making was affected by any impulses during your puberty?

7. Tell me a time when your confidence and self-esteem increased during your puberty?

8. What is the best childhood memory and why?

9. What has been the most significant invention/event in your life time and why?

10. How is important your family for you and why? tell me a time when you had any difficulties with your family during your puberty? what issues has been developed since that time?
*Transcript template attached

Include in a report:
Title of research project: Considering themes in adolescence: A Qualitative Report
Aims and research questions of the project:
The aim of this study is to consider the themes that are related to adolescence.
study method:
The study will employ analysis of a biographical interview with one participant. This interview will last for approximately 20 minutes and be conducted with an Newham College University Centre participant in a class room. The interview will be recorded and then transcribed. Following this, thematic analysis will be used to qualitatively analyse the data, and allow themes to emerge.

Methods: Participants, design, materials,

Reference APA style 6th edition
Reference ~ 5-10
Include appendix with your transcript (word count N/A)