Constitutional Law

Write a 1500 words Essay Titled: “Parliament, through the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee of the House of Commons, has spent the full fixed five-year term of the 2010 Parliament looking at the path to possible codification of the United Kingdom’s constitution.” House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Committee, The UK Constitution: A Summary, with options for reform (March 2015) Critically analyse the benefits and drawbacks of adopting a codified constitution for the UK. Should the UK adopt a codified constitution, or is its present arrangement adequate? Proposed sources: H Barnett, ‘Constitutional and Administrative Law (2009, Routeledge, London) KC Wheare ‘Modern Constitutions’ 2nd edn (1966) N.W. Barber, Against a written constitution, Public Law 2008, Spr, 11-18 W Bagehot, ‘The English Constitution’, 1867 T Paine, ‘The Rights of Man’ 1791 Bogdanor, Vernon/Khaitan, Tarunabh/Vogenauer, Stefan, (2007), Should Britain Have a Written Constitution?, Political Quarterly Vol.74(4)] Dicey, A.V., (1982), Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution, USA, Liberty Fund Inc. Plus any useful journel / newspaper article references.