Constructing a Computer System.

Design a computer system for a specific user with a specified budget. To create the computer system, you will need to determine the hardware, software, and peripherals that meet the needs of the specific user. You will make a list of the components and provide an explanation of the function of each. You must support your decision for including each component in the system by describing how it will effectively meet the needs of the user profile you selected.

Sites such as NewEgg, Micro Center, and Fry’s Electronics provide numerous options to consider when building a computer system. You may find it beneficial to use one of these sites, or you may choose to use other resources.

As you begin to build your computer system, consider the following basic questions and make decisions about items such as the system unit, CD/DVD drive, printer, monitor, speakers, microphone, keyboard, mouse, flash memory card reader, and storage (e.g., hard drive or solid state drive):

What input devices will the user need for the system?
What output devices will the user need for the system?
How important is processing speed?
How much memory and storage do they need?