Constructing a Diary Entry

Construct a Diary Entry for 5 of the days you are on placement in your Childcare Setting. Choose 5days out of your total amount of days completed to complete hours’ minimum.
• Describe your immediate Setting, Room Type, Children’s Age group, Number of Children in your care, Ratios.
• Highlight Routine followed Arrival Times, Involvement in implementing Activities, Feeding and Sleeping Times, provide/draw a clear timetable.
• Discuss Daily living tasks carried out e.g. Caring for a Child, Feeding a child, Changing a child.
• Communication with all Stake Holders – Children, Parents, and Staff.
• Identify situations which may have arisen- issues and challenges encountered by you during your Work Experience Hours e.g. helping a child settle into the Childcare Setting, an issue could be a child in your care behaviour and a Challenge could be a Child who does not wish to eat their dinner.
Your total hours worked should accumulate to 150 hours, so this will entail more than 5 days but again choose 5 busy, varied and interesting days.

Give details of any new learning that has occurred over your work placement.
• Did you face any challenges on your work placement? Give details of how you faced
this challenge and resolved the situation.
• What positive experiences did you encounter as part of your work placement?
• Would you do anything differently for a future Work Experience placement?