Construction legislation

(a) Draw a diagram identifying what you would consider the seven key documents (in some cases this may be a group of documents) that constitute the relevant building law applicable in Queensland. The diagram should show the hierarchy and interrelationship between each document and/or group.

(b) Give a brief explanation of the purpose (or a key aspect) of each document (or group of documents) in the hierarchy. (c) Provide a response to each of the following questions: (1) If there is a conflict between the requirements of the Building Code and an Australian Standard, which document takes precedence? Copy and paste in the relevant BCA clause that supports your answer. (ii) Identify two (2) ways used by Queensland to vary the provisions of the Building Code. Copy and paste in relevant extracts from the BCA or other legislation to support your answers. (iii) Which edition of the BCA is used in Queensland to determine the energy efficiency requirements for a class 2 building? Copy and paste in relevant extracts from the BCA to support your answer. (iv) What reference document is used to determine the wind actions that apply to a building?