construction planning

construction planning

Project description
A written report produced using IT skills. In order to achieve a 40% (minimum pass grade) students are expected to produce a report of approximately 3000 words showing a basic understanding of the subject area using standard available material. The report is to be produced electronically using relevant illustrations, where applicable.
In order to achieve maximum pass grade students must produce a report showing an extensive well researched knowledge of the subject area expressing competent personal opinions and arguments. The report must be electronically produced, well-illustrated, adequately referenced and set out with good use of relevant illustrations.

Referencing Requirements:
This assigement has 2 parts:
1.Assuming you are employed in a project management consultancy, you are assigned to work on the new Business School in Wolverhampton’s University Quarter. Your role is to:

a.Develop and document the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) for the stages in a Project Life Cycle.
b.Discuss five hazards, aspects of hazards and mitigation actions during the construction phase of the project.
c.Explain the step-by-step procedure to implement Last Planner System (LPS) to improve productivitiy on site and the challenges associated with its implementation.
d.Discuss and evaluate one planning software tool which has the capability to use Building Information Modelling (BIM) aspects on the construction site and analyse what benefits it would bring on this project.

2.Table Q2 gives the activities in the finishing stages of a contract, taken from the master programme.

Activity Ref.Duration (days)Preceding activity
A Joinery 1 4 –
B Plastering 9 A
C Tiling 3 A
D Plumbing 6 A
E Joinery 2 8 B
F Electrician 1 2 C/D
G Electrician 2 7 F
H Decoration 11 G/E
I Flooring 6 F
J Clean Up 3 H/I

a)Prepare the Network diagram using an appropriate planning software tool (MS Project).
b)On your network diagram, mark the critical path.
c)Calculate the project duration.
d)Assess the impact of activity Cs completion extending until the end of Day 14 on the overall completion time of the project.

It is a real construction site, you should use google map to serach the site and I want to protect the tree inside the site boundary.


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