Construction Site Plan and program of tasks

Order Description

Task Brief:
Construction Excellence Centre Project:
Drawing A: Site Plan
Drawing B: First Floor Plan
Drawing C: Ground Floor Plan
Drawing D: Elevations

LUD have also proposed the following:
Concrete strip foundations and solid concrete ground floor
Masonry external walls and precast concrete upper floors
Timber trussed rafter tiled roof
High specification internal services, finishes and fittings.
The University is considering a traditional procurement strategy for the project. Both the construction department and the benefactor wish to see and use the project as an exemplar in construction best practice for current and future students. Therefore, they are willing to examine innovative approaches to the construction of the building and the site management.

Your tasks
a. Programme – Produce a programme of tasks (activities) for the superstructure part of the building only. The programme should be produced using appropriate programming software (MS Project).

b. Site Plan – Produce a construction site layout plan for the project. Fully explain the rationale behind your proposals.

Programme – A minimum 20 tasks (excluding milestones & summary tasks), reasonably assumed task durations, a minimum of 3 summary tasks, a minimum of 3 milestones, tasks appropriately linked, lead/lag included, critical path shown, float shown and appropriate scale.

Site Plan – Consideration of key site facilities (e.g. material storage facilities ) and appropriate allocation of facilities on the plan

Site Plan – Consideration of the impacts of proposed plan and development of appropriate solutions to deal with the impacts of the proposed plan

Site Plan – Appropriate justification of the proposals and development of appropriate details associated with site facilities

Site Plan – Appropriate presentation of the plan