constructivism in education

There are two debate sides (Pro and Con) and you will be assigned to either a Pro sub-team, a Con sub-team, or the Judgment team- As a team
you will develop your argument for (Pro) or against (Con) the Debate Statement- Each argument has a specified length and should be supported by
the literature- Constructivism as a philosophical stance and especially as a learning theory has become, in many educational circles, the dominant
and preferred approach to designing, developing, and delivering instruction- After approximately three decades of application, it is assumed to be a
superior approach by many educators- Yet what does the research say? This learning theory and it’s application potential will be explored in the
Debate, which is focused by the following debate statement-
The following topic is being debated:
Constructivism as a minimally guided instructional approach in a teaching/learning context is a problematic doctrine that has proved to be of little
benefit for practical pedagogy-