Consumer Behavior – Behavioral Research Report

Collaborate as a team to develop a behavioural research report for a client. You are expected to use your teaming and notes from the unit to help in constructing your report. You will need to utilise a range of sources (academic journal articles expected minimum of five joumal articles, newspaper, and business periodicals) to provide a sufficiently detailed report. In completing this assignment, your team will demonstrate their ability to deconstruct and interpret information, apply advanced !earnings from this unit, and most importantly, construct pertinent and compelling recommendations from the research. The report should reflect the integration of informed decisions and judgements, and its success will hinge upon your team’s demonstration of ethical and socially responsible behaviour. Related leaming outcomes This assignment assesses the following unit leaming outcomes: 1. describe and apply insights of target consumers using the theoretical principles of human behaviour to evaluate, purchase, use and dispose of goods and services 2. analyse the relationship between psychological and social drivers behind consumer behaviour and marketing 3. classify and evaluate theories of the consumer decisionmaking processes 4. apply consumer behaviour principles in a variety of contexts, and in an ethical manner 5. communicate their thinking regarding these principles in a style appropriate for a business environment individually and in teams.