Contemporary Ethical Issues

Paper details choose 3 topic Euthanasia 1.Using concepts and theories introduced in this chapter, defend your own ideas about the ethics of euthanasia. Present the utilitarian and deontological arguments about suicide and killing. Illustrate. Use examples from your own experience, public cases, film, or lit.
Sexual Morality 2. Present and discuss John Finnis’ position vs. John Corvino’s argument.
Equality and Discrimination 7. Define discrimination, its different forms, and present the principle of equality vs. justice. Revise current issues (profiling, hate crimes). Explain affirmative action/preferential treatment and apply utilitarian and deontological ethics to evaluate the pros-and cons. State your position. Justify. Illustrate. Or 8. Present and discuss Anita L. Allen’s ethical dilemma and K.A. Appian’s Racisms