Contemporary HRM Challenges

create an annotated bibliography, so that we can develop a critical understanding of one of twelve HRM topics from the textbook within the context of current professional and academic literature. The chapter that was chosen for the annotated bibliography from the unit textbook of Contemporary Issues and Challenges in HRM was chapter one, which was HRM in the cotemporary workplace. This topic was chosen because it was not only the most captivating topic out of the other chapters but a topic that is happening now in other workplaces over Australia and today’s society.

After choosing the HRM topic I can now develop a broader understanding of the current issues and break down key points from my topic of HRM in the Contemporary workplace. The aim of the annotated bibliography is to summarize the related sources and evaluate the quality and relevance from the sources for a specific purpose. This trust and mediating justice at work is increasingly a critical issue within the workplace and how we can manage it.