Contemporary issues in Entrepreneurship


Video Presentation on contemporary issues in entrepreneurship

To advance your knowledge of the role and function of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial innovations in different industrial and economical settings
To advance your knowledge of the challenges/issues associated with commencing a start-up business.
To pitch and support your opinion about a contemporary issue in front of audience (i.e. venture capitalists, investors, and business managers)

Each student need to record an audio visual presentation which provides answer to the following questions:

1- Why is the growth of entrepreneurial activities crucial to the growth and development of the Australian economy (or the country of your interest)? Critically appraise the factors that potentially help and impede the process of entrepreneurship and in particular entrepreneurial innovation in Australia (or the country of your interest)?

2- Discuss the challenges involved in the process of starting a start-up. What actions can an entrepreneur undertake to maximise the probability of success in the start-up process?

This is an individual task.

Submission requirements

You need to submit two components in LEO via the LEO Assignment activity:

a link to your video presentation
presentation slides.
Video component

Use any device of your choice to record your presentation (e.g. webcam, smartphone, tablet or video camera). You will be assessed on your ability to communicate clearly not on your video filming techniques.

You can use slides during your presentation but you don’t have to. Your face must be visible at all times.
Speak directly to the viewer and don’t read from a script.
Upload your completed video presentation to Kaltura My Media in LEO or to YouTube (see Assessment 1 Guide in the LEO unit)
Embed a link to your video presentation from either Kaltura My Media in LEO or YouTube in the LEO