Contemporary Leadership

will consider gender stereotypes of men as agentic and women as communal, and how these expectations affect leaders and perceptions of leadership.

• Describe whether your leader (the one you selected to do the Contemporary Leadership Paper on) shows more agentic or more communal qualities. In what way(s) do those qualities seem to help or hinder their leadership?
• What challenges do you see for a leader trying to balance agentic and communal qualities? And/or what challenges do you see for a leader trying to balance work and home life? Draw on any examples from your leader if/as appropriate.

Section II – Cultural Concepts

For this reflection, you will consider the dimensions of culture offered by GLOBE, along with where your leader (for your Contemporary Leadership Paper) falls on those dimensions and where your leader’s culture (as defined by the regions identified by GLOBE) falls on those dimensions. After spending some time pondering that larger question, you will select one dimension of culture to focus on, and write a thoughtful response using the following prompts:
1. Identify the GLOBE dimension of culture you are focusing on and define it.
2. Make an argument for where you selected leader’s culture falls on that dimension.
3. Then, make an argument that your selected leader either:
1. Fits in with his/her culture norms on that dimension or
2. Differs from his/her cultural norms on that dimension and this has made him/her distinct as a leader in some way