Contemporary realistic Fiction

Contemporary realistic fiction includes made-up stories in which everything that happens could occur in real life. The settings are modern, the characters are true to life, and the plots involve problems and issues that today’s children face.

Background Reading

Identifying with Contemporary Realistic Fiction (Links to an external site.)

Contemporary Realistic Fiction (Links to an external site.)

Writing a Book Review (Links to an external site.)

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Steps for Writing a Good Book Review (Links to an external site.)

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Assignment: Worksheet for Article on Contemporary Realistic Fiction for ChildrenPreview the document

Read one of the books of contemporary realistic fiction at the links below.

The Wall

The Wall (Links to an external site.)

Crow Boy

Crow Boy (Links to an external site.)

Officer Buckle and Gloria

Officer Buckle and Gloria (Links to an external site.)

Silent Music: A Story of Baghdad (Links to an external site.)

After reading the book, use the worksheet provided above. Your article should be written in third person (no I’s or you’s) and must include:

A one-paragraph introduction, explaining the relevance of the book’s theme or central issue to children today.
A one-paragraph review that you have written of the book. Cover the literary elements of setting, characters, point of view, plot, theme, and style. The review should also lend your opinion of the book (still in third person).
Web site address for a child-friendly or teacher resources related to The Wall, Crow Boy, or Officer Buckle and Gloria.