Content Analysis of a Lurpak advert

Content Analysis of a Lurpak advert

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Assignment Criteria/Format:

You will select this advertising campaign: ( as the subject of your essay. Using the qualitative method of Content Analysis, you will analyse various elements of the campaign to describe and make inferences about the characteristics and consequences of the communication. Among other things, you should be able to decipher and describe in detail the actual message, the intended recipients of the campaign, the choice of channel, and techniques of persuasion utilised from a socio- psychological perspective. Finally, you will critically evaluate the quality of the campaign for achieving its intended purpose and suggest potential improvements.

Turnitin submission of a 2500 word essay in the following format:
? A4 Microsoft Word ‘Normal’ Margins: 2.54cm all around
? Body text: Times New Roman 12pt
? Line spacing: 1.5
? 2500 word count excludes charts, graphics, references and appendices ? Harvard Referencing style

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