Conversational Analysis

Assessing Difficult Conversations: Incorporating What You Know
Identify a difficult conversation that you have been having (work, home, or family) that you would like to
better understand. Using this conversation, you will demonstrate your understanding and ability to integrate
the concepts that we discussed in class. The paper is divided into 5 sections:
Section One: Describe the context for the conversation:

  • First, briefly describe (one or two paragraphs) the context for the conversation you are discussing. Then
    apply the rest of the paper to this conversation.
    Section Two: What is your contribution?
    « Using your findings from the Thomas-Kilmann conflict mode instrument, what you have learned about
    yourself through this course as well as others, and your past history with this issue and the people
    involved, describe what you have brought to this communication situation (assumptions, perceptions,
    feelings, and behavior)
    Section Three: What are the three conversations?
  • Describe two versions of the story, one from your perspective and the other from your conversation
    partner’s perspective. Obviously, you will know your own story better but you probably have some idea of
    your partner’s “story”.
    « Finally, describe what you have contributed to the story and what your partner has contributed.
  • Write out the Feelings Conversation. Identify the feelings associated with this conversation.
    Finally, write out the Identity Conversation. What is itt about this conversation that bothers you and why?