Cooperation Communication

1. Define the term “learning organization,” referring to at least four characteristics of learning organizations. 2. Discuss the role of boundaries in a learning organization. 3. Define corporate social responsibility (CSR.) Why do businesses adopt CSR processes and principles? Give a recent example from news coverage. 4. Discuss the differences and similarities between social and environmental responsibility. 5. Explain the principle(s) associated with “organizational behaviour.” What is “ethical compliance’? Short Answer Questions Answer all of the following questions. Each question is worth six marks. Limit your answers to approximately 200 words each. 1. Explain the importance of networking to organizational success. 2. Discuss the importance of shared vision and trust to a learning organization. 3. Define “corporate social responsibility.” Ask someone else to define the same term. Include both versions in your response. How do your definitions differ? Offer a possible explanation for the difference. 4. Describe some of the opportunities that CSR offers to organizations. 5. Should CSR always be the responsibility of human resources? Explain.