COPS test

1. What was the purpose of the test; what did it measure?
2. What were your raw scores, and/or percentile rankings? Highlight close scores or ties, and clear preferences in one direction or another (i.e. exceptionally high or low scores).
3. What do your scores mean? Review the test booklets and handouts distributed in class.
4. Identify which majors and career paths make sense based on your scores? Refer to the handouts from class, or go online for more extensive information (if you use an online source you must include a printout of the information).
5. What is your reaction? What did you learn? Is the information new to you, or did you already know you have these particular preferences? Tell me if your friends, family, co-workers or significant others would agree or disagree with your labels? Reflect on your current and/or past relationships, jobs, experiences, etc. and analyze how they relate to the assessment information gathered?