Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Project description
Task 1
Critically appraise the suitability of Food-For-Lifes chosen objectives. In your answer you may wish to compare them with Organic Foods which has one primary objective

which is to provide the best possible service to our customers.
(Weighting 20%)
Task 2
Determine whether there is likely to be a financing problem in the next 3 years by preparing a Financial Plan for the company. If any problem is identified put forward

and fully justify your solution.
(Weighting 40%)
Task 3
The company is intending a significant investment in non-current assets and working capital in the next 3years. Explain how the company could calculate its cost of

capital and then apply shareholder value analysis (SVA) to see if the investment will increase shareholder wealth. Provide calculations where possible in order to

support and clarify your explanation.
(Weighting 40%)

Referencing Requirements:
Core Text
Atrill P. (2014) Financial Management for Decision Makers (7th Edition), Pearson
Secondary Text
Arnold G. (2012) Corporate Financial Management (5th Edition), FT-Prentice Hall
Other selected readings that are suitable for our module and students can use as points of reference are:
Pike, R. and Neale, B. (2012) Corporate Finance and Investment: Decisions and Strategies- 7th Edition, FT-Prentice Hall.
Penman, S. (2012) Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation (5th Edition), McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Lumby, S. & Jones, C. (2011) Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice (8th Edition), Thomson Learning Berk, J. and DeMarzo, P. (2011) Corporate Finance (2nd

Edition)/Global Edition, Pearson
Watson, D. and Head, A. (2009) Corporate Finance: Principles & Practice 5th Edition, FT-Prentice Hall
Brealey, R.A., Myers, S.C. & Allen, F. (2007) Principles of Corporate Finance (9th Edition), McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
Altman, E.I. and Hotchkiss, E. (2006) Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy (3rd Edition), John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
Academic Journals and Magazines
Financial Times
The Economist
Harvard Business Review
Investors Chronicles
Journal of Business Finance & Accounting Journal of Corporate Finance


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