The Case study is in the attached file.
The questions to be answered are as follows:
Case Analysis Questions
1.Comment on TEPCO’s internal corporate governance arrangements, including its Board of Directors as well as its various committees.

  1. Did TEPCO’s Board of Directors carry out its responsibilities effectively and did poor corporate governance contribute to the Fukushima disaster? Explain.

3.Discuss the “stakeholder capitalism” model in Japan with regards to the globally accepted corporate governance practices. Explain whether it contributed to TEPCO’s crisis.

  1. Evaluate the extent to which institutional weaknesses in the nuclear industry was a contributing factor to the Fukushima crisis. Suggest measures the Japanese government should undertake to address these issues.
  2. Discuss how stakeholder interests were affected by the action or inaction of the Board of Directors of TEPCO.
  3. In relation to the key concepts covered in this course on corporate governance and sustainability, what are three key lessons you have learned from this case? Be specific and justify why you selected these ‘lessons’.