Corporate Governance – Code of Ethics

The following post has two assignments namely;

1. Corporate Governance – Code of Ethics

Case Study
‘A company’s Code of Ethics should go beyond simple rules and instead focus on core values. Before drafting a Code of Ethics, it is fundamental that a company has identified and formulated its
values. Developing a Code of Ethics is a process as much
as an outcome. In assessing the need for a Code of Ethics the company should begin by studying its internal ethics climate, the amount and type of ethical guidance its employees and officers
receive, and the risk the company faces without such a Code.
As a second step, the company should seek buy-in from every part of the organisation, from senior management to workers. Most importantly the company should ensure that a broad consultative process
takes place within the company. The company must
also recognise that the ‘tone at the top’ matters, and that public and demonstrable commitment by senior management and directors is a key component to the implementation of a Code of Ethics.’

International Finance Corporation (2010, p.80)

Assignment required:
Assume you have been contracted as an independent corporate governance consultant to a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. As part of the consultative process to implement the Code of
Ethics you have been employed to write a report on behalf of the Board for distribution to shareholders advocating the
benefits of the adoption of a Code of Ethics. The Chairman has requested that your report should include examples and evidence from contemporary cases of corporate governance failure and
malpractice that demonstrate the need for a corporate Code of Ethics.

2. Life Expectancy and Media Analysis

Complete the Life Expectancy Calculator, view the videos at and
bodies/379940/. Read On Aging by Angelou and After Sixty by Zuckerman

How long can you expect to live based on your current lifestyle and health? What do you think your health and quality of life will be like when you are over 65? What ideas about our bodies and
looks do we internalize throughout life, and how do we get exposed to those ideas? What do these poems imply about aging? Provide support for your points from the assigned poems and videos.