Costco and Chipotle Cases

Prepare a report that addresses each of the questions assigned for each case study.

Costco Case

1. What are the chief components of Costco’s business model? Of its strategy?
2. Complete a five-forces analysis on the wholesale club industry.
3. Evaluate the competition in the industry: Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale.
4. Discuss Costco’s financial performance. Include a complete financial analysis (using case materials only). Compare Costco’s performance to Sam’s and BJ’s.
5. Discuss Costco’s international expansion strategy. Is it successful or not?
6. Are Costco’s prices too low? Why or why not?
7. How well is Costco performing strategically?
8. What do you think of Costco’s compensation practices?
9. What recommendations would you make to Costco’s management team?

Chipotle Case
1. How well did Chipotle respond to the food poisoning incidents that occurred in some of its restaurants?
2. What are Chipotle’s core competencies?
3. What does a SWOT reveal about the attractiveness of Chipotle’s situation and future prospects?
4. What were the primary components of the company’s strategy prior to the food poisoning? Are further strategic adjustments needed not that the company has survived the fall out?
5. What is Chipotle’s generic strategy?
6. Compare and contrast Chipotle and Moe’s.
7. Do a complete financial analysis of Chipotle (this MUST be submitted). What do the numbers indicate?
8. Develop a competitive strength assessment using Chipotle, Taco Bell, Qdoba, and Moe’s. Which rival is in the strongest/weakest position. (This MUST be submitted)
9. What recommendations would you make for Chipotle’s management team?