Counseling Psychology

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write a paper based on Natalie Portman’s character in the movie with the following sections.

1. A summary of Natalie Portman’s life, with an emphasis on important events that relate

to the selected theory (in the next section). No need to include information that is

not relevant.

2. Summarize a theoretical orientation covered in class (Note to writer: Please use CBT approach and therapy techniques). If you are feeling very

ambitious or absolutely need to use more than one theory- you can summarize

two theoretical orientations. No more than two theoretical orientations please.

3. Conceptualize Natalie Portman’s character from the theoretical orientation summarized in the

previous section. You need to apply the theory to discuss the character’s

personality, mental/emotional health, psychological concerns, relationship

concerns, family dynamics and functioning. Your answer should also include

citations in this section to support your application of theory.

4. Discuss treatment strategies that might help this character if they were a

counseling client. Use your theoretical orientation to discuss treatment options.

Make sure to talk about the therapeutic relationship between this client and their


5. Now imagine you were this client’s therapist. Address the following questions;

What concerns would you face if you were this client’s therapist? What might

your biases be? What would your countertransference be towards this client?

Again, a strong answer will include citations to support your statements in this


6. The last section of the paper should include your reflections and thoughts on the

course material. Summarize your understanding of psychotherapy/counseling.

How does your personality and background contribute to how you might work as

a counselor? Which theoretical orientation did you connect with most and why?

What is your understanding of your identity with respect to a social justice