Paper details:

Please read the 3 articles and answer the question. 2 sources for each article is the minimum. One outside source to support your answer and one source from the article.

Question 1: Read the Foreign Affairs article, “Terrorist Tug-of-War: ISIS and al Qaeda Struggle for al Shabab’s Soul,” and after conducting your own research, in your own words, discuss the elements of each group, Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and al Shabaab in Somalia, and explain what makes the groups different, and effective, or ineffective.

The article is located on the Content page under Instructor’s Resources for Students, “Terrorist Tug-of-War.”

Question 2: Read, “National Strategy for Counterterrorism (2011),” and, in your own words, discuss the priorities outlined within the strategy. Do you think they are still relevant? Explain your answer in detail.

National Strategy for Counterterrorism available at
Question 3: Read, “Counter-terrorism: Going dark,” The Economist (2015), and in your own words, discuss the issue of liberty verses security. Has the threat of terrorism in the United States caused Americans to surrender their civil liberties to the Federal Government in order to ensure their security? Explain your answer in detail.