Creating an e-Portfolio

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Creating an e-Portfolio

When creating your e-Portfolio, here are some questions to consider:
Why create an e-Portfolio?
Who is your audience(s)? ASU
What kinds of web-based programs are available? Are there any learning curves to using any of these programs?
Will your e-Portfolio be part of an online community?
Is it for creating a professional website? Hosting work in-progress?
Are there any interactive aspects to the technology you will be using to create your e-Portfolio, such as embedded media or hyperlinks?

Technical considerations when accessing and using your Digication e-Portfolio:
User-friendliness – being easy to understand and is straightforward; in designing your e-Portfolio consider how you portray the information, i.e. pictures and writing, and how easy it is to
navigate through your e-Portfolio
Functionality – serving a practical function; in designing your e-Portfolio consider what is the practical purpose of the content in terms of audience
Accessibility – being available when needed; in designing your e-Portfolio consider how easy is the information for your audience to access

Key elements to consider when creating your Digication e-Portfolio:
Content – Short biography, pictures, videos, and hyperlinks
Navigation – Organization of the main links on your homepage, organization of the information on each of your pages
Use of interactive media – Videos, presentations, and hyperlinks

2.The Tea House

If you were a Tea House owner, where possibly you will build it? How would you decorate and design the interior? What and how you would serve your guest and customer? Is there any way you can
provide some cultural activities such as opera, musical performance, calligraphy & painting live demonstration, with Tea Ceremony?