Creating an NGO

Create an NGO. goal of NGO is to prevent gendered crime, victimization, human rights violation or similar injustice. reducing its seriousness, lethality or spread or reducing its reoccurrence. NGO cannot be based in the USA it can be local, national or international. sources include webpages, newspaper articles, scholarly journal articles, or books. 15 references APA style. Locate an unmet need for your NGO in your chosen country. Describe the type of crime, victimization or injustice that you aim to tackle through your NGO, why it is important to prevent it in your country(ies) or internationally and why it hasn´t already been done. Be specific.

Describe how your NGO is needed, timely, unique and original. Give it a name.

Draft the mission statement for your NGO. What is the overall goal of your organization and on what values does it rest?

Describe the activities that your NGO will undertake, how they address gender and the theory behind your mission statement and activities. In this case, theory means how or why what your NGO does is supposed to work in preventing your chosen crime or injustice. How will your ten staff members work together to carry out these activities?

Tell us how your program responds to cultural issues in your chosen country(ies).

Describe the short and long term hurdles you expect in getting your NGO off the ground and running successfully and how you will deal with them. Don´t forget to mention how your NGO will involve others in the broader community in its work and ensure continuity of its mission.