Creative Reflection

Instructions Creative writing is an excellent avenue for exploring yourself, your experiences, and your beliefs. As a nurse, it is not uncommon for the day to present challenging, or overwhelming, experiences that can be difficult to process. Using this week’s readings and discussion forum as inspiration, plan and write your own creative reflection. Unlike the course’s previous writing assignments, this assignment is much more open-ended, allowing you the opportunity to be creative in this personal exploration. At the minimum, the Creative Reflection must: •Be carefully proofread and free of errors •Be a minimum of 400 words (may include poetry, personal narrative, profile, blog/journal entry, etc.) •Focus on a personal experience or belief •For more information about the various types of creative writing, please visit: The Creative Reflection does not have to: •Be in traditional/standard essay format •Include a thesis statement, topic sentence, or other core essay components For specific grading criteria for this assignment, review the Creative Reflection Rubric.